Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seasons Greetings 2013; Happy New Year 2014

Hrmmm... I've really been neglecting this blog... Laziness is a powerful force!
Anyway, since 2014 has reared its hopeful head, here's the first blog post of the year :)

As per usual at Christmas, I took leave to go to my parents' place in Penang. The calendar helpfully placed Christmas on a Wednesday so I took the whole week off (yay).

Christmas time is also my eldest sister's birthday so we had some good foods. I met the relatives and went out a lot and generally lazed about spending time with the family. Come Christmas day, we opened our gifts.

A minion joins the Angry Birds in guarding the presents
A minion joins the Angry Birds in guarding the presents
I got the typical clothes, books, and cash, and my mom bought me this adorable Hush Puppy soft toy.

When I got back to KL and eventually cleared the mounds of work and e-mails waiting for me, it was holiday time again. New Year's Eve was spent at home as usual with a bottle of sparkling wine shared with my sister, watching what fireworks I could see from my balcony while the virtual festive greetings were sent to and from friends new and old.

Goodbye 2013! We had some good times!

Happy New Year, world! 
2014, be nice! kthxbye

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  1. Minions n pups to this collection. . Something new